Mental health is one of the top concerns men are facing in today’s society, as males make up 49% of the population but nearly 80% of suicides. We encourage our community to prioritize mental health, because let’s face it, we all deal with it.

Here at Insanely Clean, we believe a healthy body starts from the inside – only then can it be reflected externally. Our goal is to help men feel and look the healthiest versions of themselves. That is why we are supporting Project Extreme by volunteering, donating a percentage of profits, as well as leveraging our resources to assist the organization to make the greatest impact we could.

Project Extreme’s mission is to provide young men with community, resources, mentors, and professionals who can help them develop the self-confidence and competence to take on and overcome the obstacles of life. A few of the resources Project Extreme facilitates are shelters, a crisis text-line, mental health counseling, and retreats.

If you’re currently struggling with mental health and need someone to talk to, text: LEV to 741741.