When Should Men Start Using Skincare?

When Should Men Start Using Skincare?

Spot the true statement: 

  • Men can only use skincare when they are having skin issues. 
  • The only men who use skincare are teenagers. 

 Trick Question! Actually both statements are false. 

Skincare is not just for young teen boys who are having acne flare ups. Skincare is meant to be used not just as a problem solver, but as a maintenance to stop those problems from happening in the first place. You should be using skincare on a regular basis so your skin stays healthy, youthful, and protected against breakouts. There is no exact moment when menshould start using skincare products”. However, if you feel your skin is dry or acne ridden, then use that as a sign to start exploring some skincare products. Most people may think teenage males mostly use skincare products because they are in their acne prone phase and constantly worried about their appearance. While it is true young boys are obsessed with how they look, many studies show how the popular age of men using skincare is actually 18-34. So if you're in that age range now, and aren't using skincare, maybe take a second to try some new products out. 

Now you know that you should probably be using skincare products, where do you start? Well, first you need to know: men usually have thicker skin than women. Which means you can be more prone to acne and clogged pores. That’s why we recommend products specially formulated for men’s skin. 

Here’s our advice: 

Two main steps in a solid skin care routine include a cleanser and moisturizer. Luckily, with Insanely Clean you get both! The procuts are simple and easy for anyone to navigate, no matter your skincare knowledge. All you need to know is that you can use the products anytime of day, for any skin type. The Day ‘N’ Nite Face Wash, followed by the Instant Moisturizing Mist, will complete your new skincare routine. It’s that simple!