Top Workouts for Men

Top Workouts for Men

It’s the beginning of May now, which means summertime is right around the corner. If you want the perfect summer bod, here’s 6 exercises to get you started! So where do you start? Let’s break it down… 

To make it simple let's start with the upper body: 


  1. Preacher Curls: using a preacher bench allows you to focus more tension/isolation on your bicep which is how you work to get arms like Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson  
  2. Incline Bench Press: this can be done on an incline bench, or if you're without a spot, just hop on the Smith Machine. Incline Bench Press will help form a more full looking chest, by building those upper pectoral muscles, preparing you for those future beach days 

Here’s some exercises to target the legs: 

  1. Hack Squat: a little different from just your average squat, targeting the quads and core more. Just a few sets of these, and you'll have legs for days! 
  2. Deadlift: This exercise not only targets your legs, but actually targets your back and core too. In a rush at the gym, grab a barbell, put some plates on there, and you can easily workout your entire body with only one exercise. 

*These exercises feel too easy, or just want a little extra push? Try adding a 3 second hold to each exercise, which will build your muscle faster, and bigger. 

Now, here’s some exercises to get Ryan Gosling Level Abs: 

  1. Plank: A classic. Simple, quick and you can do it anywhere. This workout targets your core and upper body. Challenge yourself with this one and see how long you can do it! 
  2. Hanging Leg Raises: Using a pull up bar, just let your body hang, and then raise your legs up in a pike position. This works not only your lower core, but leg muscles too.

Complete all these exercises, for 8-12 reps each, for 3 rounds. After this workout, you'll be ready to join the cast of Magic Mike! 

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