Men's Mental Health: Seasonal Depression

Men's Mental Health: Seasonal Depression

Seasonal Depression is real. So let’s talk about it. 

First, what is seasonal depression? 

The scientific definition: a type of depression that follows the same seasonal pattern each year. 

Basically, depression comes and goes as certain seasons come and go. Most people, not just men, experience seasonal depression during the seasons of less sunlight. Often feelings of sadness, fatigue and isolation are symptoms of this. 

Our bodies are wired to make more melatonin when it is darker outside, so it makes complete sense that when there is less sun and our days are shorter that we feel more tired, therefore adding fatigue and possibly sadness. 

So now you know what seasonal depression is. How do you get through it? 

There's no cure. Just steps to make the hard seasons a little less hard. 

1. Try talking about it 

Our society is slowly breaking down gender stereotypes, but one that is still heavily prevalent is that men are supposed to be “tough” and not show emotion. This can lead to an even deeper dark hole of depression. So, if you realize your sadness grows as the days get darker, share that with someone. A friend, a family member, maybe even a therapist. Expressing your feelings is the first step in overcoming them. 

2. Try taking Vitamin D 

You receive Vitamin D from the sun, but if there are only cloudy days coming your way, then maybe supplementing with a vitamin during the winter season is a good idea. Vitamin D is essential for bundling strong bones. Signs of not having enough of this “sunshine” vitamin is fatigue and feelings of sadness. Sound familiar? Same symptoms of having seasonal depression. Now taking a vitamin might not cure everything and make you superhuman, but it can definitely send you in the right direction of feeling better. 

3. Light therapy 

Sounds fancy, but it's actually pretty simple. Light therapy is just the idea of introducing a device that can mimic natural sunlight. An easy way to incorporate this into your life is simply using a sunrise alarm clock. Each morning it wakes you up with a soft light to start your day off a little brighter. We even did the work and found some options for you!